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newborn pictures of sawyer jane at 2 weeks charm the pants off the jury

Sawyer Sherill Newborn Photography by Pixels On Paper Portrait Photography photo

The cat who ate the canary. Seriously, she just knocked off her 3rd bank. Or more likely, her minions did it and just called to let her know that the funds have been successfully transferred into her account off the Cayman Islands. And there’s a cell phone somewhere buried in all of that cotton. She’s […]

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winter portraits of a family ~ a man and his girls outdoors

Allen Outdoor Family Portrait Photography photo

An advantage to being a husband and wife team is that Ryan really steps in when husbands, fathers, grooms – GUYS – are resistant to having their photos taken, for whatever reason. He’s got the gift in these situations and can make men feel more comfortable and confident with a man-to-man perspective. Dad Will Allen pretty much proclaimed […]

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Will you go to prom with me? spring, pink dresses and pretty portraits

The movie, Pretty in Pink was a massive hit in the ’80s, which means that only the moms of kids going to prom this year will know what I’m talking about. Molly Ringwald and her not-as-cool friends struggle with the usual high school angst that comes to a crescendo at ….. wait for it …… […]

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wedding expos ~ get ready, ya’ll!!

[with the oh-so-familiar backup music] “It’s the MOST won-der-ful tiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeear!” Ok, actually that was Christmas and it’s over, people. Valentine’s Day is also over and we hope it went well for ya. Spring is around the corner and that means – for those of us in the business and those out there who are […]

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Sarah Grace ~ portraits at 8 months with a girl’s best friend: bling

Sarah Holey 6 month baby Photography by Pixels On Paper Portrait Photography photo

We humans measure time in a thousand ways. Clocks …….. seconds, minutes, hours. And calendars …… days, weeks, months. Changes in seasons, hash marks in inches on door frames, tire wear, grey hairs, dimming light bulbs, sunrise, sunset,……… and growth of babies. Their facial expressions, ability to crawl faster and then walk signal the passage […]

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