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A Brand New Girl | Newborn Pictures of Penelope Jo

I’m sorry, but this child has the coolest name……. and no offense to the other sweet babies we photograph who have wonderful names.  Penelope Jo, though, you have to admit, is pretty rad. Penelope is sweet, makes me think of pink, satin, Paris, ballet and all things feminine. Jo says rock star, music lover, grounded, […]

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pixels on paper’s favorite newborn portraits (well some of them)

Madelyn McGuire Newborn Photography by Pixels On Paper Portrait Photography photo

Dr. Seuss would have been 112 years old on March 2 and “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” remains one of the most given books to kids of all ages. When we looked over the newborn photos we’ve taken to chose our favorites, I kept thinking about their perfect faces. The world hasn’t happened to them yet and […]

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newborn pictures of sawyer jane at 2 weeks charm the pants off the jury

Sawyer Sherill Newborn Photography by Pixels On Paper Portrait Photography photo

The cat who ate the canary. Seriously, she just knocked off her 3rd bank. Or more likely, her minions did it and just called to let her know that the funds have been successfully transferred into her account off the Cayman Islands. And there’s a cell phone somewhere buried in all of that cotton. She’s […]

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Sarah Grace ~ portraits at 8 months with a girl’s best friend: bling

Sarah Holey 6 month baby Photography by Pixels On Paper Portrait Photography photo

We humans measure time in a thousand ways. Clocks …….. seconds, minutes, hours. And calendars …… days, weeks, months. Changes in seasons, hash marks in inches on door frames, tire wear, grey hairs, dimming light bulbs, sunrise, sunset,……… and growth of babies. Their facial expressions, ability to crawl faster and then walk signal the passage […]

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Sarah Grace – baby portraits of an adopted angel

If we ever needed good news, it’s now. ‘Tis the season to celebrate and yet the news everywhere is of fear. If we ever wanted to hear about the triumph of love, regardless of sacrifice, it would be in this time when we focus on gratitude, family and an amazing birth that took place beyond all […]

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