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Wonder Women Part II

Yes, this deserved a second blog. It’s not because I’m a new mom or because Mother’s Day is around the corner (it’s not, so stop sweating because you haven’t bought flowers or a new car for her………. it’s May 13th, by the way). It is just a topic that deserves more love and a second […]

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Defining Family | Dogs and Humans

We define family as weirdly and idiosynchratically as we define ourselves. No kids. 1 kid. 8 kids. “We adopted,” “we foster,” “we just want to be auntie and uncle.” You name it. And then there are our pets. If you own one, you get it. They are a completely different kind of family, with their unconditional love, […]

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Family reunion outdoor portraits in Roaring Gap, NC

What is a LARGE family? What’s the threshold between, “is this IT?” and “if I don’t get 30 minutes alone, I’m going to ugly cry?” Muse amongst yourselves, but while at it, meet the Hobens. Every year, they vacation in Roaring Gap, NC at a home that has been in one of the son-in-law’s families for […]

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son’s nautical 1st birthday portraits + all boy and all flirt

Proud parents, Traci and Andy, do nothing by halves. Why should any parent when it comes to a first birthday photos, but these two especially love props, fun outfits and themes. Their son, Holden, has been a client of ours since birth (his mom sets his appointments; she’s so organized like that), and like his parents, we love pulling […]

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the rogers family ~ a study in “body English” ~ funny faces & faith

pixels on paper charlotte nc outdoor family portrait photographers photo

Gabriel Rogers is the head pastor at Kingdom Christian Church in Charlotte, NC and he and his wife Stephanie have three children Lauren, Gabe (the middle fella) and the baby of the family, Christian. They are a handsome family and very much loved. Members of their church decided to take up a collection so that they […]

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R e v i e w s
T w i t t e r