the many faces and personalities revealed when photographing a 6 month old

“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”
-Winston Churchill

Pixels on Paper 6 month session for son Carson photo

Carson – only satisfied with the best. The best hat. The best suspenders…..

The temptation to place a thought bubble or caption for every single picture of Carson Mathis (6 months) is killing us. KILLING US. Look at him!! So, since we value life,… we’re going for it. He’s a slice of Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, Bagger Vance and James Cromwell’s character in Babe.

Mathis Family Spring outdoor portrait photography photo

Jay Gatsby meets Bagger Vance meets Carson Mathis

The great film director, Alfred Hitchcock was an obvious choice for a comparison to Carson. The cheeks. The intensity. The innate brilliance!
While little Carson cannot write or direct films, or control much of anything at the moment (like what smart and spiffy clothes his mom decides to dress him in), he’s got tons of personality. Mom Meagan chooses the hats, the clothes, the boots and shoes he styles. We invited them to our outdoor studio and had a blast with the costume changes and unexpected facial expressions. The pic above was his Easter outfit. All the attention shouldn’t go to the girls with their hats and gloves after all, right?? Below he is as our little farm hand with his Carhartt bib overalls, ball cap and John Deere tractor.

Mathis Outdoor Family Portrait Photography photo

“HEY!… lift that barge, tote that bale… it’s hard out here on the farm.”

Mathis Outdoor Family Portrait Photography photo

“I’m busy, people. And you’re making me sit here!!”

The farm outfits are a nod to Carson’s inclusion in a long line of family farmers. He’s already riding on John Deere tractors on his dad’s lap.

Mathis Family Spring outdoor portrait photography photo

“Like my boots?? My grandpa gave them to me. And that’s me flying on the right with Mommy. Check out my leg extension. It’s important to keep you core muscles strong.”

Mathis Family Spring outdoor portrait photography photo

“I look mighty, but I’m snuggly too. Just ask my folks.”

Winston Churchill said, “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” Now there is a legacy to chase. Being kind, making an impact, being remembered….

Pixels Family Spring outdoor portrait photography photo

“I’ve got the whole world ahead of me and my family beside me. Now, where’s my shirt?”

We look forward to seeing the Mathis’s many times over the coming years and watching their family grow and what Carson will do and become. He’s got the cute part down, the farming part is in progress and the dapper characteristics are developing as well. Who on earth will he be? And isn’t that the fun part anyway? The wondering and discovering?


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