things we love – automobiles – and the stories they tell

Something most people wouldn’t know about us is that we love automobiles, chrome, shiny paint jobs, rusted bumpers, and even big bulky beaters.  Vehicles with history, stories, musty and rawhide leather smells draw us in and tempt us to spend hours getting to know every detail.  It’s an uncommon passion among people our age. This day and time people rarely keep a car long enough for it to become a part of their family.  Fortunately that’s not the case for us.  Misty still has her very first car, a now pristine 1974 VW Superbeetle, that became a family hobby and in her opinion is priceless.  Ryan treasures the memories made in his 1982 light blue Chevy Chevette and at every sighting recollects a story that always draws a smile.

Early on when dating, car shows became a part of our lives and free time.  We have countless photos of cool cars, hood ornaments, and chrome reflections of cars that we have no idea who they belong to and in a few cases no clue of their make and model. We love hot rods, old trucks with sexy curves, lead sleds, and engines that will always have an oil leak leaving their mark on the carports and garages that protect them. Recently when looking at stacks of family photos dating back to the 1930s a friend noticed that 25 percent included their cars in the background. We had a revelation that this natural appreciation was breed in us. Even our wedding photos and exit were in Misty’s Grandfather’s 1949 dark green convertible Jeepster.

For a recent portrait session another of her Grandfather’s cars was pulled out of the garage and cleaned up. This time a beautiful one-owner 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood, a car that carried a family of seven and still had room to spare in the back seat and the trunk.  Like always the temptation was evoked to spend more time with a car, capturing the details, listening to the stories, and visualizing a period before our time.  We hope this opportunity to share a little known fact about ourselves gives friends and fans further insight to who we are. Even more we hope that sharing these images of the Caddy stir your imagination in the way that it does ours.


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